Serie Paguro

Paguro Series




Steab is leader on the market in design and production of Accessories in insulating material for lighting industry

Since 1970 Steab has been working closely with its customers to design and produce components in insulating for the industry.

STEAB guarantees expertise, professionalism and technical support based on a team of dynamic experienced peoples.

STEAB has built its industrial philosophy on these bases and on the same Company Values STEAB addresses the new challenges of the world market.


Factory and production

A modern factory is not just optimization, pursuit of a profit, but It means also opportunity for cultural and human enrichment for social environment.  Steab’s factory is located in the municipality of RUFINA, province of Firenze and from there it spreads its philosophy since 1987. The company is well established in the surrounding area and it became both production and communication site.


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